Environmental Backlash

You never know what will set people off.  It wasn’t the selling of hundreds of millions of weapons to what is conceivably the least Democratic country on Earth, with the possible exception of North Korea.  It was the orb.  And then the whole covfefe thing.

It’s easy to get caught up in triviality.  I do it myself.

That’s why I am pleasantly surprised at the public reaction to  Trump’s unilateral, ill considered, and possibly not within his legal authority decision to pull out of the Paris Accords.  I’m pleased that people, who are, as I just said, prone to be distracted  by things that don’t matter, are suddenly jolted into action over  a serious issue.  I’m also pleased that that issue is the environment.

With all  the talk of  politics, and money, the environment is sometimes abandoned in the woods, and nobody talks about it for months at  a time.  Yet, it’s the most important issue facing mankind.  If we destroy the environment, everybody dies.
So, lots of mayors, and Jerry Brown in California, and ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, are all  setting him straight.

So in response to Trump being an  asshole on the environment,  people are fighting back, and forming alliances.  Maybe we needed this.


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