National Security

When ex-Bill Clinton met with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, privately, on her government jet, on a runway at Phoenix airport, last June, both Bill and Loretta brushed away any charges of impropriety, (because as the  spouse of someone who is under investigation, the Attorney General shouldn’t have  been talking with him at all) by saying “Eh, we just talked about golf  and grandchildren, you know, regular folks stuff” and most people bought it.  At least, most people in a situation to do anything about it.

Now, an orthodontist in Florida who likes going up against the government is trying to force the NSA to release a transcript of that meeting.  He was previously obsessed  with Benghazi, so he’s more likely  coming from the right than the left but, what the heck, release all the information.  Information is good.

The NSA is saying “No way.  This is a matter of national security.”

I’ve got a couple of questions.  First, how was there a transcript?  Whether they discussed golf and the grandkids, as they said, or how to get the FBI off Hillary’s back, as I suspect, or matters of national security, which shouldn’t really be a factor since it isn’t an issue in either one of their jurisdictions, there was no reason to tape it.  That sort of defeats the purpose of meeting privately.  Or all  all government aircraft bugged?  How about congressional offices?  That would be kind of awesome, actually, except that if the NSA is gathering dirt on everybody  in congress, they have so far totally failed to use it.

I’m mostly just asking on that one.  It seems weird to me.

The big question, though, is if it’s a matter of National Security, then Clinton and Lynch both lied.

Also, we should have a permanent review board for declassifying classified information.  Taken from a pool of average Americans, like a jury.



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