The Class War Has Begun

Of course it’s a bit disingenuous, silly even, to say the Class War has begun, since it probably began about 65,000 years ago, around the time human beings started living in settlements and one family had a better animal skin tent than the next, and it probably goes  back even before that, with the alpha male of each simian pack and his cronies being the upper class, and  everybody  else fighting for the  scraps.  But recent events, and I’m talking mostly about the Grenfell Tower disaster, have brought it into sharp  relief.

It’s not just that Conservatives (in class warfare terms, the rich) are somewhat responsible for the fire, with their hatred of  building codes and safety regulations, and their overall contempt for the value of poor people’s lives, it’s how they are behaving in the aftermath.  No sign of remorse or taking of responsibility  by  Theresa May, or Boris Johnson, or any  of them.

When Jeremy Corbyn suggested, quite reasonably I  think, that empty luxury homes could be used as temporary housing for the victims so  they don’t have to sleep on the streets, which would be pretty cruel considering they’ve just lost everything in a fire, and many of them may have even lost friends or family members, the Daily Mail went after him with a vengeance, saying ‘Corbyn Wants to Confiscate Rich People’s Homes.’  I suppose that technically could be considered factual, but it’s not homes they are living in, which means they are just houses and not homes, and it would be temporary, and if rich people who own property in the neighborhood are not going to do it out of the goodness of their hearts, then what the heck.

You can’t expect the government to house  the victims in the empty spare houses of poor people, because poor people don’t have empty spare houses.

Anyway, my point is, Class Warfare is  out  in the open now.  It’s clear the rich have no sympathy for the poor whatsoever, not even  when the poor have just survived a deadly fire.



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