Utopia vs. Dystopia

Today I saw a thing, I think it was from Ted Talks, but reduced to cartoon form and  kept to less than 12 minutes, just the way I like it, about Utopias and why  they always turn into Dystopias when you get to  figuring out how they’re implemented.
It struck me as a bit defeatist, since we need to keep striving toward building a better society, as the alternative would be to try and build a  worse society and that is truly a dumb idea.

Bad will always figure a way in by itself without  us going and looking for it.

Maybe we should spell it Eutopia, like the Eu in Eugenics (which originally was meant to be a good thing, it’s right there in the name), euphonia, euphemisms, or euphoria.  Eu means good.  Like Europe.  Good rope.  (I just made that up.)  Just better PR than Utopia, which means ‘nowhere,’ as in it can’t ever happen.

Not as an abstract concept, maybe, because no matter how much we perfect  society, there will always be people who want it perfecter (They are malcontents.  However,  they sometimes have a point.) and, just like a Navajo Blanket, there’s always going to be a flaw somewhere.  But, mankind has the technology, the resources, and everything needed to create a world of wealth for all, in which greed, environmental degradation, war, crime and violence are downright unnecessary, and not common at all.

We need to ask ourselves one question:  What kind of a future do we want?

A.  The Star Trek future, in which the problems of Earth are pretty well sorted with some sort of benevolent socialism (although the Ferenghi are mad capitalists and still seem to get along with everybody), even the refugee problem would be solved because, you know, space.
B.  The Hunger Games future, where the rich people in Capitol City seem to be doing pretty well, but life sort of sucks if you live in the districts.

C.  A Logan’s run future, where people live in domed cities and things are super clean and well organized, but you can’t go outdoors and you get ‘renewed’ when you’re about 28.
D.  A Waterworld Future, which is what we’ll get if we don’t do something about Global Warming.

Did everybody say A?  Good.  Because people who would seriously suggest one of the other models are just being trolls, and trying to derange the conversation.

The conversation then turns to “How do we get there from here?”  And that could be a very interesting conversation, indeed.


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