The Wall – Suggestion for a Compromise

I’m pretty sure that most thinking people  think that President Trump is a bona fide retard, and I’m pretty sure he was just blathering and had no concrete plans at all when he said that the wall  should be topped  with solar panels, and be transparent because if it’s not transparent, or at least has holes in it, you’re never going to see it when somebody heaves a 60 pound bag of wacky tabacky over it and crushes your noggin like a cow patty under a cowboy boot.

Now, despite your odds of getting beaned on the head by a 60 pound bag of dope while talking a casual stroll under the prison walls being only slightly greater than getting struck by lightning in January, while on the moon, and despite the fact that I don’t like the idea of a wall at all, because it’s very unfriendly and totally counter to the idea of one planet/one love, I think the fat old pervert might be on to something, in a blind pig finding an acorn once in  a while kind of way, and since he’s determined to build a wall, it might as well be a cool wall.

Solar panels.  A large portion of the territory the wall has to cover is just flat desert, i.e. most of the southern borders of New Mexico and Arizona, and it would be a great place for solar panels.  Say about 5 or 10 miles deep, both sides of the border (if the Mexicans are so inclined)  and it would keep anybody from coming across, or at least slow them down, and provide all the energy  that both countries need.  I mean, that’s an area that’s as large as two or three of our smaller states.

Trump and his supporters can  say  they built a wall, and nobody’s going to be bonked on the head by  large bags of pot hurled by catapults, which is  a relief.

The rest of us get cheaper energy and a cleaner environment.

It’s a win-win.



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