People are Stupid

People are stupid.  People are horrible.  We hear it all the time.  People are so stupid!  Why can’t they use their turn signals?  Why don’t they leash their dogs?  Why do they say they’ll be there when they won’t?  Why don’t they vote like me?
It’s really kind of a silly thing to say, since we’re all people.  So, you can’t  say ALL people are stupid.  First of all, that would be including yourself, and second, that would be including people like Noam Chomsky and Stephen Hawking, who very clearly are not.
To say “all people are stupid” is not like saying “all Southerners are stupid” or “all Trump supporters are stupid” where you do have some evidence, but given the numbers involved there are still certain to be some exceptions.

“People are stupid” is just a stupid thing to say.  Compared to who?  The lizard cactus people of planet Xxgloroth?  We don’t know, do we.  Other species on our own planet.  Yes, I know they say dogs are intelligent, and apes, and dolphins, and pigs, but it’s not the same thing, is it?
A pig has no concept of history, or any idea what a star actually is, apes may have primitive tools but they haven’t invented the wheel or the steam engine yet, none of those species have a written alphabet and I know some people say dolphins have language, but I’ll bet it amounts to ‘water, water, water, water, hey, fish!’

Compared to that, humans are smart like crazy.  Compared to some of the beings we’ve seen on Star Trek, we’re thick as two short planks.

We are what we are.  Average IQ 100.  Some people a bit higher, some a bit lower.

It’s a bit like when people say ‘things have never been worse.’  Yes, they have.  We argue about health insurance, but most of us aren’t too worried about the plague.  We’ve got wars in Syria and Afghanistan but back in the early 40s it was half the world.  They’ve been better, though, too.

And will be both better and worse in the future.
And now I’m rambling.  End blog.


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