Mystery in the Pacific

Trump’s bombastic blast in Phoenix last night sure has people talking, but that is his style, keep everybody talking about him and he’s still in the game.  Perhaps the purpose was just to rally the base, or perhaps it was to distract from other issues the press maybe could be focusing on, like his support of Nazis, or the ongoing controversy over his Russian contacts, or the turmoil in White House staff.

All of that stuff is important, and worth howling about, but the important issue, the one that should have us all on the edges of our seats, is the  spate of collisions at sea.

Since January, four U.S. navy ships have been in collisions – three with civilian vessels and one with  the Japanese coastline.

I’m skeptical about the ‘just a coincidence theory.’  Four in seven months is just to many for that.

Could it just be incompetence?  If so, it’s a bizarre level of incompetence.  Even if their instruments didn’t show an approaching ship, wasn’t anybody at all on deck, just looking?  Nobody knew how to turn?
Which leaves the hacking theory.  Somebody had external  control  of the ships and crashed them on purpose.  I must confess, when I first heard that suggested, my first two thoughts were ‘drug dealers’ and ‘aliens,’ neither of which, on a bit of reflection, seems likely.  North Korea?  Well, they’ve got motive, I guess, in their somewhat deluded (an inevitable result of isolation) world view.  I’d be surprised that North  Korea is  the first to come up with a cutting edge attack like  that.  I think terrorist’s are unlikely, for the same reason, but you never know.
If I was forced to guess, I’d say it’s the Chinese.  That’s a guess, though, without  any evidence.

One thing for sure.  If it’s deliberate, then the world’s  balance of power has shifted.

I wonder how long this technology (which could just as easily  hack a car or an airplane) has been around.  Before September 11th, 2011, perhaps?


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