It’s the Damned Cops Again

I’m glad that people are all enraged about  the  arrest of Alex Wubbles.  True, the reason she’s getting more press than a lot of black people who were flat out murdered by cops, is because she’s white.  One cop in Atlanta the other day told  a female motorist he’s stopped “Don’t be nervous, we only shoot black people.”

But, any case which shows people how out of line the  police really  are, is a case I’m glad to hear.
It’s not  just that  she’s white.  It’s also that she’s a nurse.  The policeman was way out of his jurisdiction.   If  you are inside a school, the teachers are the boss.  If you’re inside a hospital, it’s the doctors and nurses.  This is important.

A hospital is a place for repairing human bodies.  That is their number one priority on a list of one.  Fighting crime is not their job.  So, it’s not just that this particular policeman (who I certainly hope gets fired.  The mayor and the police chief of Salt Lake City have apologized to Wubbles, but if they don’t fire the pig who caused the problem, then their apologies are as hollow as Corey Booker saying he cares about health care.) didn’t understand the law, which Wubbles had very clearly explained to him, it’s that he doesn’t understand how modern civilization works.

The law, in Utah, is that the hospital  doesn’t have to give  the police blood samples unless:  The patient gives their consent, the patient has been arrested, or a warrant has been issued.  This should have been fairly easy  for  the police to deal with.  Most judges today will authorize warrants quicker than a hippie doctor will write you a prescription for cannabis.

I don’t know what this particular patient was suspected of, but in any event, he was in the hospital, and unconscious at the time of the incident.  He wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

They had plenty of time to get a warrant, if one was warranted.


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