The Transparent Presidency

I read a great article today.  I’d cite it here, and even link it, except I can’t remember the author’s name, or what site, or publication, he was writing  for, and didn’t save the link in any way, so I can’t.

But the gist was that being a sociopath is not the thing that marks Trump as unique among politicians and other people  in power.  Most of them are sociopaths.  They don’t mind if they are endangering people’s lives.  They will start wars and order people killed and not bat an eyelash.

In fact, it is so common that once Bernie Sanders came along, he stood out.  He was a ray of sunshine on a  cloudy day, a beacon in the night, water in the desert.   When he opened  his  mouth and spoke the truth, it rang out clear as a bell and by comparison it was clear that almost every other politician was a mudmouthed weasel.
No, the thing that marks Trump as different is that he is so emotionally retarded that  he can’t even pretend not  to be a sociopath.  Thus, saying to flood victims who’ve lost their homes “Have a good time.”  He probably meant well. (Not really.  But it was probably his  intent to look as if he  meant well)

He just has never mastered, in his hollow and  meaningless life, the ability to pretend he gives a shit.  His sycophantic fan  section might say that’s a good thing, it means  he speaks his mind, he’s transparent.

And that’s true.  We can listen to his  words and know exactly what  kind of man he is.:  A selfish, sociopathic, ignorant, emotionally retarded asshole.


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