Spicer’s Not Funny

I didn’t watch the Emmy’s and probably wouldn’t have even if they were broadcast here, but firsthand knowledge is seldom an  impediment to me stating my opinion, which is what I’m about to do.
I wouldn’t have watched them because I haven’t seen most of the shows which were nominated for awards, don’t have  any programs I was really rooting for, and would probably be disappointed in the winners as I think most major network TV programming is godawful crap, it’s just cop show after  cop show in  a non-stop orgy of violence.  Talk about terrorism.  The TV industry has got people thinking that murder is a common occurrence and you can’t trust anybody.
Nonetheless, I strongly object to Sean Spicer being invited to speak there.  I don’t care if it was a joke segment, I don’t care if he was introduced by Stephen Colbert – Colbert can have him as a guest on his own damned show if he wants.  This was supposed to be a celebratory, even a festive occasion, and they invite someone who is known for trying to shut down access to information, to silence the press, to damage democracy.
Sure, he was never actually convicted of a crime.  I’m pretty sure that lying is not a crime, or else half of American (and not just American, other countries have this problem, too) would be in jail.  But that’s no reason to treat him as if he was a normal, harmless, jovial old guy who took some hits in the political arena and now  we can laugh about it.
That makes it seem like it was all O.K.  That makes it seem like Trump is O.K.   Oh, sure, he’s a bad president, but we can laugh about it, can’t we?

No, we can’t.   And we shouldn’t.  This shit isn’t funny.

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