The Horror

This is bad, this is depressing.  Not only  does the United States have Donald Trump, and Britain Theresa  May, now the Czech Republic is going to have its very own blatantly corrupt, extreme right wing president.
Of course, it’s a  multi-party system, and there will have to be some coalition building, but Andre Babiš (pronounced Bah beesh, the little hook (that’s what it’s actually called in Czech, little hook) makes the s into an sh, and over a c it makes a ch, and over  an r it makes a sound no foreigner can pronounce, which Czechs are perversely proud of) is apparently going to be our next president.
He is a one man proof that it doesn’t matter what system you  have, the power  structure remains the same, and the average folks are not  a part of  it.

When Czechoslovakia was Communist, Babiš was a Communist.  Not just a go along to get along Communist, but a member of the State Security, which was like the KGB.  Once it became capitalist in 1989, Babiš became a capitalist, and has somehow (corruption) managed to accumulate a 4.1 billion dollars (according to Forbes).
I love this country, but I am extremely nervous about the future right now.   Dark days ahead.  I  mostly just hope he doesn’t try to take us out  of the EU.


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