JFK, what we know toay

It will  take time, a lot  of time, to sort through the 2,800 documents released today.  Historians will be going through them for decades, perhaps centuries.  After all, archaelogist look at teeth that  are thousands  of  years old  and can tell if the corpse grew  up in England or in Norway, and this is a lot more substantial information regarding the death of a president.   A popular president.

What I don’t understand was why this stuff had to be secret so long.  Here is a partial list, sent by an internet friend, from the Washington Post but I couldn’t actually access the article without a subscription and, since Jeff Bezos already has  more money than me, by several billion dollars, so I decided to pass.

-25 minutes before the assassination, a British newspaper was told that “there would be big news” in an anonymous phone call.

(reminiscent of building 7, but doesn’t prove anything.  ‘Anonymous’ could have meant Oswald.)
– Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset in the Soviet Union who was involved in secret surveillance flights over Communist China!! (what?  Did anybody think he was there as a tourist?)
– JFK was into wild sex parties.

(yeah, I  don’t think anybody’s surprised by that one)
– LBJ was KKK in Texas.

(this one surprises me, because Johnson was so good on civil rights.  Still, as a politician it doesn’t surprise me that he wore one hat in Texas  and another in D.C.  He’s been dead for years, so damaging info on him is hardly damaging to National Security.)
– A New Orleans stripper, an associate of Jack Ruby’s, comitted suicide in New Orleans in August-September 1963.

(strippers probably commit suicide at at least the same rate as the general population, , and that’s 2-3 months before the assassination)
– Jack Ruby and Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippitt reportedly met at Ruby’s club sometime prior to the assassination.

(Yeah, Ruby  knew all the cops.  No surprise there)
– The Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista, plotted to bribe a US congressman.

(when?  Because he’d already been  out of power for about  4 years.)
– The CIA REALLY WANTED to kill Fidel Castro.

(well, of course they did.  never managed it, though.)
– The FBI tried to spy on the Hollywood screenwriter, John Howard Lawson.

– The FBI and the CIA feud a lot.

(well, what do you know?  A film and TV cliche that’s based on fact.)
– The US Communist Party was pitifully small. Its real membership was made up mostly of FBI informants.

(most people don’t even know they exist)
– The CIA knew Castro didn’t kill Kennedy.

(the history of Castro v. the U.S. is over.  Castro won.)

In light of the fact that most of these items are mundane, some have nothing to do with the assassination at all, and most of the people involved have been dead for a while, how were these documents still considered a risk to national security?


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