Unfriending Policy

I unfriended  somebody today.  She wasn’t even being particularly  horrible, but I  still  feel good about  it.  One less person  cluttering up the  feed, and she brought it on  herself.

I’m  not being vindictive.  She might be a very nice person  in real  life, but she’s not  somebody I need  to communicate with on Facebook.  She’s not interested in having the same kind of conversation I’m interested in having.
What it was, she wrote one of those kinds of posts that so many thin skinned people on Facebook seem to make, complaining about leaving ‘hateful’ comments on her post, i.e. disagreeing with her.  “I often post about music, and films, and cats.  If you’ve never left a positive comment on one of my other posts, why do  you have to come here and pick a fight.”
So, I went through my usual checklist.  Looked at her profile, verified she wasn’t somebody I  know  in real life or  am related to, and none of the friends we have in common are people I know  in real  life, so I unfriended her and she probably won’t  even  realize.

Two things:  If I agree with someone, there’s no real  reason  to post a comment, is there?  Certainly, it’s rare  that I comment on cat posts at all.

Secondly, if you post a political  opinion, it’s open season.  You have the right to say whatever you want and  people have the right to respond however they want.

If you don’t want to deal  with  that, fine.  I’m gone.


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