To Nanowrimo or No

I’ve never participated in NaNoWriMo before and I  think if  I  do it should be called Internanowrimo, because the word National is  a symptom of a disease, the imperialism of the internet, the Americentric view  of the world.

I suppose the reason (the excuse is that I don’t want to write that way,  I am independent, I go  at my  own speed, but that’s all an excuse) I’ve never participated before is the  fear  that I  don’t have  a good enough idea, the fear that my  writing will be crap, and even the fear that I won’t be able to meet the targets.  50,000 words in a month is just a bit under 2,000 words in a day and my blogs average about 300.

I guess the idea is you reach a state of fluid consciousness.  If you’re writing in a stream of consciousness style, sooner or later you’ll get into the flow, be in the groove; you’ll get to a point were you’re typing as fast as you think, you’re thinking as fast as you type, and the words will jump from your fingertips like fleas from a cat in a bath.
Of course there’s the fear that it’s all crap, but that can be ignored, since you can just throw it away in the end if it’s crap.  You don’t need to show  it to everybody.  On the other hand, showing you’re work  in progress  to other writers might be beneficial.  One of them might say something intelligent.

So, I haven’t decided yet, and it’s only a couple of days to start time.  So, I’ll  let you know  in a couple  of  weeks.


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