Is This the End, or Just the Beginning?

I do sincerely  hope that the indictments against Paul Manafort and Richard “Who?” Gates, on charges of money laundering and consorting with Boris and Natasha, and the guilty plea entered by George Popadopoulos (not to be confused with former Greek military dictator Giorgios Popadopoulos.  Apparently, despite its not insignificant length, Popadopoulos is a common  Greek name) on a charge of lying to the FBI (when he said “Russians?  I don’t know anybody who’s been dealing with Russians.) is only the beginning of a series of charges, rollovers, and more charges that leads to Trump’s impeachment, much  like Watergate in ’73.
However, when the Hillary apologists on my Facebook page come on to say “See, she didn’t do anything wrong” we are no longer on the same page.  Seriously, I’m sure there’s a lot we can agree on, once you all get over it.  She cheated, she lost, and Trump’s obvious failings in no way  excuse  her own.  If they Democrats want to win in 2018, they would  really do  much better  to just never mention her name again.
So, back  to Manafort, Gates  and Popadopoulos.  It certainly does seem that Mueller has aimed as low  as  he possibly  could.  Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager, but Gates was just  Manafort’s assistant (and these charges stem from 2013) and Popadopoulos was just some kind of  lobbyist.

Still, it’s something and it could be a beginning, if Mueller plays it that way.  Here’s my question:  what if Trump gets  impeached,  and Pence  is also  forced out (see Spiro Agnew), and it  all goes down between November of 2018 and January of 2019, but in the meantime Randy Bryce has defeated Paul Ryan for his congressional seat.  Would Ryan still become President?
Of course, if the Democrats manage to retake the House, that’s not  going to happen.  But, the way they are  going (see my comments about Clinton, above) the chances of  them retaking anything are  extremely remote.


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