Spacey’s Bad Day

I suppose it’s a  shame  that House  of  Cards  got canceled, even though  I’ve never seen it.  Sucks for  all  the actors involved  who aren’t Kevin Spacey, some of  whom have probably never  sexually propositioned an underage person since they were underage persons their own selves.
It certainly seems as if Kevin Spacey’s career will be destroyed by  this.  I feel a little bit bad  for him,  because I don’t consider his crime that great – yeah, he made a sleazy pass at an underage boy, but the  boy got up   and walked  away and that was that.  He didn’t give  the kid roofies like Bill Cosby, he didn’t threaten  the boy with loss of career like Harvey Weinstein, he never bragged about  grabbing him  by  the  dick, as Donald Trump might have done, and he never sent the boy dick pix, like Anthony Weiner.
Still, I only feel a little bit bad for  him.  He’s had  some great roles, and I’m  sure he’s set for life financially, so he’ll  be O.K.  I’m not going to boycott any films he’s in any more than I’d refuse to  read any poetry by Pound (a Nazi), or William Burroughs (murdered his wife), or enjoy the art works of Dali (a Nazi sympathizer).

Actors, artist, athletes, celebrities are not necessarily role models.  They can be, but that’s not actually in their job description.
It’s a bit sad for Spacey, because the reason he’s in so much hot water is that he handled the situation so badly.  He used  the incident to come out as gay (well, duh).
I don’t see that as a big deal, but a lot of gay people I’ve heard from, who’ve weighed in on the issue, seem to think it is.
That’s how badly he’s handled this.  He comes out as gay and gays condemn him for it.



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