Trump Kids

Had a lovely day off today due to a cancellation, and now it 11:20 p.m. and I’ve got nothing in particular to write about, news on in the background and I can’t understand why Wolf Blitzer is still on television.  He stammers and says shit like ‘Allabu Akbar.’
Don Trump, Jr., (the one who shoots elephants) tweeted a very stupid tweet of his daughter with Halloween candy and saying he should teach her about socialism by taking her candy away.  I’m not going to talk about what a ridiculous analogy that is, or how you could describe other economic systems using candy, or how there used to be a meme out there about a farmer with two cows which was similarly stupid, but what I really want to say is that parents on the left and right and everywhere in between are guilty of this, they get their kids to parrot their political opinions and say, ‘Gee, look how smart he/she is’ and generally I see it as fairly innocent but I do feel sorry now for anybody who is part of the Trump family.

Don is going down.  I don’t know if he’ll go to jail, but it’s seeming like more and more of a possibility and, because he’s had such a nepotistic regime, it will fit his family hard.  As far as Don, Jr. and Eric and Ivanka are concerned, let them all go to jail as well.  They are adults, they have participated.  True, they were probably doomed from birth, but you could say the same thing about big Don, you could say the same thing about most people in jail for  serious crimes.  Something went wrong in their childhood.

I do feel bad for Baron and Chloe and any other little Trump or Kushner offspring out there, but the  quicker it happens and their parents are all in jail, the better a chance they’ll have  of being normal some day.

Melania might be the only one to come out of the whole  deal ahead, and she’s one I don’t feel sorry for.  She knew what she was marrying into.   She’s complicit.


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