Lincoln v. JFK

It’s November, so it’s time once again to play “Who Killed JFK?”  My money’s on Lyndon Johnson, because cui bono mostly, but it also just seems to be in character, and it happened on his home turf, plus some other stuff, but that’s not what I want to talk  about tonight.
I just  got into a discussion about all the Kennedy/Lincoln coincidences.  First off, there really is a striking and amazing list of coincidences.  However, they are coincidences.  I don’t believe that there was  some kind of multi-generational conspiracy theory.  I’m  not  saying that’s never happened in human history, it’s basically the story  of all  hereditary monarchies.  I’m just saying I  don’t believe  it  happened  in this  case, or that aliens did  it, or anybody  with  a time machine.

It’s kind of an amazing coincidence, for  instance, that they were elected 100 years apart, 1860-1960.  It’s also an amazing coincidence that presidents elected at 20 year intervals from 1860-1960 all died in office.  Reagan broke the curse, disappointing millions.
It’s 5 in a row,  but not unbelievable.  Garfield and McKinley  were both  assassinated, sure, but officially Harding died of natural causes.   Some historians think that his doctor and/or his wife poisoned him to put an end to the scandals, but there’s no proof of  that.  Roosevelt, of course, was fated to die in office because he was just  going to keep getting re-elected as long as he lived – he was just that good.
It’s also quite interesting that Lincoln was shot in Ford’s theater, and Kennedy was shot in a Ford Lincoln, or that Lincoln was shot in a theater and Oswald was apprehended in one (although I think he was the patsy, and they never caught the guys who fired from the grassy knoll.)
I think it’s interesting, even a bit bizarre, that both men had vice-presidents named Johnson, or that both had been Senators from southern states, but Johnson’s a common name, and approximately half the country consists of the south.
The list goes on, but at some point you get  into numerology and  nonsense, so we’ll end it right there.


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