Tuesday, Tuesday

Watching a show now  about paranormal investigators and, I must say, even though I want to believe, because ghosts would be evidence of a life after death, a life beyond this life, a spirit world, it’s probably  all nonsense.  At any rate, these programs don’t prove anything.  They offer up a story, and look all credulous, and expect to carry the viewers along for the ride, which is certainly one business plan, I guess.
Watched an interesting film this afternoon, and I  think whoever wrote the film had the treatment of topic exactly right.  It was a black comedy, but based on a true story, so they did it documentary  style, which made it much more effective.  ‘Bernie,’ it was called, with Jack Black (nice to see him in a movie that’s not intended for  total  morons) as Bertie, a well-loved man in his community, always volunteering for church projects and such, killed an old woman, maybe for her money but maybe not, that was the  question,  but  as much  as people in  the town loved Bernie, that’s  how  much they hated the nasty old woman (Shirley Maclaine, perhaps the most awesome actress ever), and so most of the townspeople thought  he should  get  off  on  the old “Bitch had it comin'” defense.  Won’t tell  you how  it ends,  but it IS a true story.

I watched too much TV today.

I spent too  much  time on Facebook today.

I probably  smoked too much pot today.

Annd that’s about all I have to say.

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