The Delusion of the Democrats

Al Franken is going to give a speech  about his political future tomorrow, and a lot of people are saying that he will resign.  It would not surprise me too much.  He is a Democrat, and very often Democrats collapse under pressure.  Also, he’s a bit different than most Democratic politicians, in that it’s not his first, or even his second career.  His books were great books, regardless of what you think about him as a politician and, no matter what happens politically (unless he gets elected president some day, which is super unlikely), he will always be remembered, primarily, as that guy from Saturday Night Live.
I hope, however, that he doesn’t.  Not because I  like  Al Franken.  I still resent his role in the screwing of Bernie  Sanders, and I hope he gets primaried by a Berniecrat next time he runs.  But, I don’t want to see him go down like this.

The most recent, the 8th, allegation against him is from a woman who claims that Franken put his arm around her waist while they were posing together for a photo.  And, horror of horrors, squeezed.  Most of the other allegations are not much more serious.  And, it  seems likely that a couple of them are completely bogus.

The logic of the people  asking him to resign (which, I’m sorry to say, includes  Bernie Sanders.  I love the guy, I  will happily support him again if he runs in 2020, but we’re at odds on this issue) is “he may not be guilty, but he should resign anyway.”
What manner of fresh bullshit  is this?
It is assumption of guilt instead of presumption of innocence.  It’s framing an innocent man for convenience.  It’s a totally cowardly move.
I’ve heard phrases like “moral high ground” and how this affects the Roy Moore campaign.  Which is also ridiculous.  Do the Democrats actually think if they turn on Al Franken, that Alabama Republicans will suddenly say “well, fair’s fair, I guess we should vot against Roy Moore.”  This is delusional thinking.   Republicans don’t think like that.   In fact, pretty much nobody in the world thinks like that.
I saw one person write that Franken should  resign because if  Moore is elected and the Senate wants to vote not to seat him, the Democrats would  have no chance if Franken is still there.  Piffle.  The Democrats would  have no chance of  that in the first place.  There is almost no legal precedent for  it, Moore has  not been convicted of a crime (yet, anyway), the Republicans have  the votes to seat him,  and the Democrats don’t have the balls to stop them.

Attacking one of their own is not  going to help them to suddenly grow those  balls.  Quite the  opposite, actually.



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  1. Edgar

    So now that Moore has, in fact, been unseated, not by, because of, or influenced by in-house (or “in-senate”) cronyism, but rather by the will of the people of Alabama, what are your thoughts about the integrity and the “toughness” of Democrats? Do you have any solid evidence of your accusations of caving under pressure that couldn’t also be paralleled in droves from their Republican counterparts, or do you just like to live in a “deluded” world of unfair argument based on name calling unsupported claims? Until this invective, party line barking and partisan game playing stops, we have no shot at ever being a strong nation run by the people. Why contribute to that nonsense?

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