Talking Out Loud

Everyone is in bed, it’s quiet now, it’s blog time and my mind is  as devoid of original thought as the DNC is as devoid of a sense of shame, but here’s the two poems that keep bumping around in my head, I mean, I don’t actually have any of the words written, well, a couple of lines that sound good, maybe, but nothing that sticks together, nothing that could even be called a framework, and certainly nothing on paper.

One is the idea that some people have expressed that time is happening all at once, which would mean no pre-determination at all, and I’m big on pre-determination, because I like to think that anything can happen tomorrow, and the bit I came up with is “without time there is no music, there’s no space between the notes, there’s no space so there’s no beat, no sound to make you move your feet, to clap your hands, to leave your seat” and that’s about all I’ve got so far except I’ve thought that the end line should be ‘we’ve got time.’

The other is that the space inside our mind, although physically  small, contains myriad universes.  Not only is the Discworld and Middle Earth and Westeros all in there, but many scenes from the historical past and even conceivable futures is there, and it’s all just stored as information, like not a real thing at all, but totally real, like once you get right into it, drill down into the middle, then everything expands again, but on a different level.

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