An Unwinnable Fight

I must confess, I have been  surprised by the reaction to Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.  I mean, the U.S. has always supported Israel, giving them billions of dollars  in  military aid every year.  If that wasn’t enough to piss everybody  off, why would moving our embassy?

Nonetheless, it has caused an outcry.  Still, most presidents, and even most politicians, have some idea how to survive an outcry, and usually it involves keeping a low profile and waiting for the storm to pass.

So, when Nikki Haley (I am absolutely certain it was on  the advice of Trump) said to the U.N., ahead of the vote condemning the U.S. for aforesaid embassy relocation, “we are taking names,” it struck me as a completely unnecessary provocation.  She knew  darned well, the U.S. was going to lose the vote.  Very regularly, since 1948, certainly since 1967, there have been U.N. resolutions condemning Israel and the U.S. is usually the only country standing by their side.

So, 9 countries supported the U.S.,  including Israel, two  central American countries whose governments were probably installed by the CIA, and a slew of Pacific Island nations, which I would not be at all surprised to hear are economically dependent on the U.S. Navy.

138 countries did not.  So, where does that leave Nikki Haley and Donald Trump?  Right where anybody watching could have predicted.  Alone, and looking stupid.  They said they were taking names, putting everybody who didn’t tow the line on a shitlist, and 138 countries of the world said “Go ahead, you ain’t the boss of me.”

And there isn’t a damn thing Donald Trump can do about it.


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One response to “An Unwinnable Fight

  1. Beverly Dahlen

    Unfortunately, there IS something they can do about it and they are doing it. They are blackmailing all the countries who voted against them by threatening to cut off foreign aid. And they will do it unless they can be stopped. This is Trump’s game. I might have had a bit of respect for Nikki Haley before, but not now, never again.

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