Productive Weekend or No?

I did get started on the proofreading, and I’m about halfway through it.  It’s not the kind of thing I’d buy, but it’s easy enough to read, and grounded in  solid psychology.  We also got the current poetry book, Paradox, off to CreateSpace, the publisher of self-published work, so that’s a huge load off my shoulders.  On Rheets 2017, I at least got all the poems in order, which is the hardest part.  Started reading a new book, it was cheap on Kindle and friend recommended.  Again, not exactly the kind of thing I’d read (Hit Man with a heart of gold), but the story’s well told, and it’s bite sized, easy reading.  Each chapter is one victim (sometimes it winds up being more), so it is to reading  books a bit like watching a TV series is to a movie.  Each bit is readable and doesn’t make you think too much, and a lot  of the character  development gets repeated.
What I DIDN’T get done was  to write any new poetry for tomorrow night, I’ve got a great idea but I have tried to write on this theme before and I’m disinclined to repeat myself, I don’t wan’t to be like Monet, painting the same damned lily pond over and over again, even though it was a lovely lily pond.  The theme is dark and light, how when you turn out the lights and go to bed, a whole world opens inside your head, so an entire universe inside a very small space like the Tardis or Orion’s belt in  Men in Black.

Oh, well, it is time for bed now  so I will sleep on it.


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