March for Our Lives

These Parkland kids have really started something.  Today, millions of people  marched all across the USA in favor of gun control.  There were even some supporting demonstrations across Europe.  There were big crowds.    I’ve heard 500,000, and I’ve heard 1 million for the DC march alone.  Paul McCartney attended the rally in New York, and the granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., who  is about 11 I think, spoke to the rally in D.C. and totally rallied the crowd.  This is a movement, and it’s not going anywhere.  My gun loving friends are twisting themselves into pretzels trying to argue it away, but it’s not working this time.

One particularly lame argument I’ve heard from more that a couple of gun nuts, is “Why is Parkland different?  There were never protests  of  this  size after Sandy Hook, or any of the others.”  They may use that to bolster their absurd claim that the students involved were actually actors.  They may not, but what it so.we’re peddling now is exactly the same dumb shit we’ve been peddling forever, and it’s not fair that you should object now when you never did before.

That’s what I think they think, that’s what I think  they feel;  somewhat betrayed, because they’re not  winning this time and they’re unfamiliar with the feeling.
But, there were protests after Sandy Hook, and all of the others.  They were ignored.  This time, that’s going to get a hell of a lot harder.




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