O.K., I really  didn’t do much but, in the end, it turned out to be  a productive weekend.  My latest poetry book, Paradox, which I’m pretty pleased  with, if I say so myself, and I do, is up on Amazon, and I’ve ordered a few copies.  Apparently not yet on Kindle,  though, which is a  bit weird, although I think we’ve got that problem rectified, too, and it  should be up in a week or so.
Of course, when I say ‘I think,’ I mean Helena said.  I just write the poems. Everything to do with the actual production  of the book, that’s her department.
Also, we (and by we I mean she) have figured out how to offer a book for free on Kindle, so I’m going to start offering a book for free every week.  That’s about  a 10 week rotation, if I limit it to the books I think are actually worth reading, which is the plan.

Of course, I’m hoping that if enough people read my books  for free, they might realize they want to read  more, and they might leave reviews, and they might realize that even  though they got it for free, poetry books make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s day, really any occasion at all  where you might want to give a gift, they are within most people’s price range and it’s poetry, so it makes you seem like a deep, sensitive person, even  if you’re not.

Mostly, though,  I just want you to read them.

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