The Swamp of Infinite Data

I may be in the minority on this issue, but I’m really not all  that worried about Mark Zuckerberg having all sorts  of my personal data.  After all, we knew that when  we signed up for Facebook, or should have.  They haven’t made any secret of the fact that they are collecting data on  us.  They haven’t even made any secret of the fact that they sell that data to advertisers.  Which is why I get invitations to join AARP and stuff like that.
One of my friends wrote that “They have a record of all my phone calls!”  O.K.  I imagine the phone company does, as well, and they will  give it up to the police the first time they ask.  Happens on  T.V. all the time.  I saw another comment that said “Facebook has a list of all my friends and even their birthdays!”  Yes.  This is called a friend’s list.  I quite like the birthday reminder feature, actually.  I never could remember anybody’s birthday.  Now, I remember everybody’s.

The fact that that data was used for political manipulation is a new wrinkle, I suppose, but it was inevitable.  Apparently, for the moment at any rate, the right is making better use of that than the left.  We may have cooler memes, but they’re willing to spend the big bucks to target their ads.  So, we need to get better at exploiting the system.  We do have way more smart people on our side than they do, so it’s possible.
Basically, here’s how I feel about it:  We can have a world mind, capable of storing all the world’s knowledge and allowing the free flow of ideas and information, that can find solutions to all the world’s problems, and  that can eventually grant us immortality through digital download, or we can preserve our privacy.

If you choose privacy, maybe Facebook  is not the right format  for you.


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