The Entirely Bearable Lightness of Unfriending

I always feel a bit better after an unfriending.  It’s on  my list of accomplishments for the day, like cleaning up my hotmail or cleaning the rabbit’s cage (that does get done every day, but it’s not always me doing it) or writing a poem (I wrote two today which I was fairly pleased with, although they were short and I don’t have any evidence at all that anyone else took notice).
I don’t feel better before the unfriending.  In fact, I can agonize over it for whole minutes.  Is this person really so horrible they need to be cut?  So, I haven’t heard from them in 6 years – nonetheless, would it be rude?  I know  they’re deceased, but what if their friends notice I’ve deleted them, would that seem tacky?  Once it’s done, though, it’s done, and you don’t even need to think about it any more.

And the defriending today, it wasn’t even me who did it.  It was him.  So, zero guilt.  Of course, it was me that drove him to it.  Here’s the situation:  One of my pet peeves is people who post bogus memes.  Not so much the posting, because anybody can make a mistake.  But, once somebody calls you on your mistake, i.e. “No, dude, Jacob Rothschild does not have 9 trillion dollars, and that’s a picture of Montgomery Burns,” there is only one correct response, which is “Oh, sorry, my  bad.  I’ll take it down immediately.”  Or, just to take it down immediately, without any comment.  O.K., two possible correct responses.  But this guy did neither of those two things.  He said, “It’s a cute animal story, and I wish it were true.”
Well, I suppose I could have been more diplomatic, but basically I  gave him a bucket load of shit for polluting the stream of thought, creating static on  the channels of communication,  so he unfriended me.
He was very civil about it.  Sent me a private message, in correct English, saying “You may have a valid point, but your reaction  to my post shows that we’re not really on the same wavelength, and good luck to you in future and all that, but I’m cutting you.”
Which is fine.  He’ll continue on happily posting bullshit memes and I will never see another one of them.  At least not from him.

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