March Spit it Out

There was kind of a huge crowd at the poetry reading tonight, standing room only  and I wound up standing through  about half of it.  Most of the crowd wasn’t there for the poetry, however, they kept coming into the place in groups of 6 or 7, and heading into one of the back rooms.  When I walked through there during intermission , to get to the secret room at the back, they were all  sitting around a table playing Jenga.
So, there was pretty much constant opening of doors, and chatter going on, and perhaps even some of the people  in the poetry  room weren’t all there for the poetry, they just couldn’t get a seat at the Jenga table, but we did have a crowd.
Nobody in particular knocked me out, but there were a couple of new girls, and I hope  they’ll  be coming back.

One big problem, one big criticism, and three or four of the readers did it, is the confusion between a poem and an editorial.  Especially when you use names, in a couple of years it will sound a lot less relevant.
Still, got a chance to plug my book and the girl sitting next to me asked my name so she could look it up, so that could be a positive development.

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