America vs. Taiwan

Just watched a video  on America vs.  Taiwan on  the issue of recycling.  There’s a whole series, I guess, the other day I saw one that was U.S. vs. Japan on  school lunches, and the Japanese  system was  brilliant, the kids cooked  the meal and cleaned up  after, and  the vegetables were raised  in  the  school garden.   With U.S. v Taiwan, it was  just  that Taiwan has musical garbage  trucks, so taking out  the  trash  is like  a visit to  the Good Humor man, and the bags for trash  were more expensive than the bags for recyclables.  Not bad ideas, but it struck  me as a  bit more of a gimmick than a comprehensive plan.

These videos remind me of an old joke, an old internet meme, about  how in heaven the cops are all  British, the cooks  are all  Italian, the mechanics are all German, and it went on with a whole bunch of nationalities but you get the gist, and hell is where the cops are all German, the mechanics Italian, and the chefs are all British.

It’s a bit of humor, of course, but there’s a point to it.   We could all learn from just looking, around the world, which is excessively easy these days, seeing who’s doing it best, and emulating them.  If Sweden can reduce their carbon footprint to almost nothing and completely eliminate their garbage, everybody else can, too.  If Germany can power their  whole  country on wind and solar, everybody can.  If Japan and China can build high speed trains powered by magnets, then everybody can build high speed trains powered by magnets.

When you can learn from the best, there’s no point in not learning from the best.

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