Another Step Too Far

When you shoot unarmed protesters, you have gone too far.  When you shoot unarmed protesters, and you brag about it, you are so incredibly wrong that you have to be some sort of  weird psychopath to think  you’re right.  This is where the Jewish people find themselves today.

Most are supportive of Israel.  It’s a natural thing for a Jewish person.   Irish-Americans love Ireland, Italian-Americans love Italy, and Jews throughout the diaspora love Israel.  But, if you love what’s going on there now you are sick in the fucking head, Jewish or not.  To paraphrase Hagrid’s words to Harry on  their first trip to Diagon Alley: “Not all Jews are nice.”
It absolutely defies belief that they keep escaping international censure for this, but that is because the U.S. will always, in any situation, do what Israel wants.  I don’t understand that, either.
I do have a theory about that, but it sounds like kind of a wild conspiracy theory, and it’s all straight out of my  own head, so take it with a grain of salt, but, here goes:  the Israelis know exactly  what happened to the U.S.S. Liberty in June of ’67, they know it was no miscommunication, no friendly fire, they had orders from LBJ to sink  it because he wanted a Middle Eastern Gulf of Tonkin event.  It was pretty clear by that time we were losing Viet Nam, and besides, the Middle  East is  even more lucrative.
A more updated theory would be that they’ve got the inside dirt on 9/11 (which would mean they participated in it, which I’m  not claiming, but not saying it’s impossible, either)
So, one would think that revelations of that sort would be as damaging to the blackmailer as the blackmailee, that Israel would definitely not want that information to come to light.
One would think.  But Israel, apparently, doesn’t give a shit what anybody in the world thinks.  Because they can murder unarmed civilians in broad daylight and get away with it.  Because they are Israel.
It needs to stop.

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