A Few Good Ideas Which are not Likely to Ever Happen

Every U.S. Senator and Congressperson makes $174,000 a year which, I’m sure the vast majority of Americans would agree, is at least twice as much as what they’re worth.  They’re seldom in  session, often absent even then, and when they rise to give a speech it’s just to get a sound bite on the evening news and not because the actually believe what is coming out of  their own  mouths.   Most Americans, truly, feel a bit  under-represented.  Some may have, at some point, written to their representatives in  congress, and got a form letter in return, but it’s clear they don’t actually give a rat’s ass what we think.
So, here’s a suggestion.  We should double their number.  It wouldn’t cost the public a thing if we simultaneously halved their salaries.  It would be the instant creation of 535 jobs, and maybe you’d get somebody who would answer your phone call.  It might, with a bit of luck, lead to people with a few more viewpoints than the Tweedle-Dee v. Tweedle-Dum group we’ve got it now.
But, of course congress would never pass anything like that because it would  mean cutting  their salaries, and diluting their power.  So, it goes into  the pile of ‘Good Ideas That Will Never Happen,’ like  having districts drawn by computer algorithm rather than by the party in power, to avoid gerrymandering, ranked voting, automatic audits for all members of congress, eliminating campaign contributions, and campaign advertising, and have the elections done as a series of 20 or 30 debates or so, and maybe tests, like “Aliens have arrived at Earth.  How do you respond?”, with some people eliminated after each round.
Maybe we need a law that congress doesn’t get to pass laws about how congress works.  Oh, wait.  Add that to the pile.

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