I Blame the Father

It has happened again.  This time the shooter walked into a Waffle House in Tennessee and killed 4 people.  Yup, you guessed it. An AR 15.
It is worth noting that it was a black  Waffle House and three out  of four of the victims were black, and one Hispanic.  There’s probably a race angle here.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we hear, over the next couple of days, of membership in some White Supremacist groups.
Another interesting angle is that this guy was not at all  unknown to  the  authorities.  He’d been arrested numerous times, like the time at the White House when he said he was a sovereign citizen and entitled to inspect the grounds, or the time that he went to a public pool, jumped in in his underwear, and repeatedly exposed himself to the lifeguards while threatening to fight them.  The police knew all about his Taylor Swift obsession, but he wasn’t stalking her… he was  convinced she was  stalking him.
In fact, authorities had revoked his gun license, at least in one state, and seized his guns.  They did, however, release the guns to the shooter’s father, who  said he’d keep them safe and wouldn’t give them back to his son, but he did.  Whether he was just straight up lying, or  if he  intended  to keep them safe but his son just wore him down, I don’t know.  Anyway, one of those guns was the AR 15 used in the attack.  In my opinion, the father deserves some of  the blame.   One, for the boneheaded  move of  giving the kids his guns back (for which he should  go to  jail) and also for whatever he did wrong  to raise such a  piece of  shit.

I sometimes question my children’s life decisions, but I’m pretty confident neither one of them is going to grow  up to be a mass murderer.

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