Some Thoughts on Religion

Well, another supposed day  of the rapture – which, it seems to me, is becoming a more frequently repeating  occurrence, not as common as, say, school  shootings, but every couple  of years, anyway – has come and gone.  I’m still here and I believe I can safely assume, since you are reading this, that you are two.
World doesn’t seem too different, does it?  Have there been massive missing persons reports?  So, I reckon if there was a rapture, it must have been such a pathetic bunch of losers raptured away that nobody even misses them.

Or, it was just another false alarm.
I’ve got a Facebook friend, an Indian (as in from India) man, whose posts have been of a religious nature lately.  Sort of an obnoxious religious nature.  Since he’s seemed to be a reasonable poster up until now, I’m inclined to let it be, but the problem with print social media is that when you see a comment, and it’s just begging for an  answer, you may scroll on past, you may be stronger willed than I, but I suspect I am one with the majority of human beings on Facebook for whom that is constitutionally not possible.

It was about whether or not atheists can express proper humility, without the ability to  reference God.  Fortunately, it remained a civil discussion, despite our 180 degree difference of opinion.  I swear I do not understand the way religious people think.  Do they assume that humility was the invention of Christianity?  Humility isn’t even the invention of humanity.  It’s like the Christian view that morality is guided by religion.

These are the kind of people who say we need prayer in schools, after their son has just murdered four people in a Waffle House.

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