Copraganda Overkill

Disclaimer: if I’m talking about American TV shows, I’m likely to be months, or even years, behind current.  Doesn’t matter.  This isn’t a new phenomenon, and I’m sure it’s not going away soon, either.  But, it’s blatant, it’s wrong, and it deserves to be confronted.

As I’m sure everybody has noticed, television is absolutely dominated by cop shows.  Most of them are gory dramas, like all of the CSI and NCIS incarnations, where a dedicated band of lovable misfits does amazing and unbelievable (you’d think all the criminal masterminds would have learned by now not to wrap their dead bodies in  carpets made of fibers that could only have come from one manufacturer in  New Jersey) things with technology to catch the evil psycho.
I don’t believe for one second that the general public has such an insatiable appetite for murder and gore.  If cop shows were 10% of the shows on TV, I’d find it believable.  As it is, though, there has to be another motive for the networks to show these shows over and over again.  It is copraganda.

The government wants us to love and respect the police and so, instead of asking the police to be lovable and respectable (Which is not what they want.  They  just want us to think that) they put out massive amounts of propaganda to say, over and over again, the cops are the good guys, the cops are the good guys, and sometimes they are cops with some supernatural ability, and sometimes they are really hot lady cops, but we’re always supposed to love them.

There’s been an ad on  for the last few days that’s bothered me in  particular.  It’s for a show called S.W.A.T. and it starts with a policeman giving a speech, in somber tones, probably the daily briefing, saying “A 17-year-old youth named Raymont Harris was accidentally shot and killed by team leader Buck Spivey…” and then it cuts to  a cop, the black guy from Criminal Minds, saying “It was an accident…” and I’m sitting here at home, thinking “Oh, no, it wasn’t, we’ve seen the damned video, seen it hundreds of times now, that Buck Spivey is a stone cold racist murderer but he probably won’t do a day in jail or even lose his job because all you pigs are just going to cover up for him.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking that.  But, still, it’s a lot cheaper for them to  keep shoving these shows down our throats than to actually reform the police which, as I’ve pointed out above, it not  actually their objective.
So, I don’t expect to see any changes soon.  But, I think they’ve reached the limits of propaganda effectiveness.  There’s no longer enough of reality  in their presentation to be at all convincing.

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