A Night at the Cottage

Just got back from an  overnighter at the cottage, because today and yesterday were holidays here in Czechworld.  Usually I avoid going to the  cottage but it was just an overnighter, I haven’t been for a long time, it’s the  perfect season and, as much as I enjoy hanging around by myself, getting  high and watching English TV, I’ve done plenty of that  lately.
So we got there just in time for the campfire.  Sausages, steaks.  And, each of the little kids (Isabel  and her 3 cousins) had made a witch, so  we  burned them.  They burned real well, so the curse of winter is officially broken.

Today, started a book, which is one thing to do when everybody around you is speaking in Czech and you’re not interested enough to make the effort to participate.  It’s “The Economics of Good and Evil” by Tomas Sedlacek.  So far I’m underwhelmed.  It’s an interesting starting point, but he repeats himself a lot, is overly fond of $10 words, and just inserts long passages from the Bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh wholesale.  But, I’ve barely begun, so I may  give it a more favorable review later.
Played a couple of games of Země/Město with the kids, ate very well, washed the car, watched our niece at her riding lesson, and took a walk down by the pond enjoying the massive yellowness of spring in Česky Raj, what with the spreading fields of Canola ripening and the dandelions dotting the land like living stars, went back, ate some more,  read some more, and it was time to go.

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