The Doctor’s Note

So,  remember when Littlefinger’s medical report came out and everybody noticed that  he’d put his weight down as a figure that seemed low, considering how fat he looks in all his pictures, and how it raved about how he was in ‘astonishingly good health’ when we all figured that was impossible, given his indolent life style and his habit of eating garbage?
Well, now his doctor is  saying that he didn’t write the note at all, or that Trump told him what to write, or something like that, but, the  point is, the doctor has admitted that it’s a bunch of malarkey.

Why does it matter?  Not because we are particularly worried about his health.  If he were to drop dead tomorrow from a great big glob of McCholesterol blocking a main artery, we’d shift our attention to how to impeach Mike Pence, but few would be shedding any tears.
But, if he’ll lie about his health, and force his doctor to lie about his health (and his height and weight), and he’ll lie about attendance at his inauguration in spite of photographic evidence. what won’t he lie about?  Nothing.  Nothing is the answer.  There is nothing he won’t lie about.
One person on my Facebook page pointed out that Roosevelt also deceived the public about his health.  This  is bullshit.  I don’t remember any incident where Roosevelt actually forced his doctor to lie.  Also, people didn’t have any reason to believe that Roosevelt was lying about the important stuff, like the threat of Hitler, which the Republicans were minimizing, because they were doing business with Hitler.
Republicans (I’m talking about the rich Republicans, the ones that actually run the party, not the gun toting goombahs who vote Republican because they’re afraid of gun control, or afraid of gay marriage, or whatever the rich Republicans have convinced them to be afraid of for that particular election cycle) have always hated Roosevelt, and have never forgiven him.  They’ve never forgiven him for regulating the banks, they’ve never forgiven him for social security, they’ve never forgiven him for treating the poor like human beings.
And they probably never will.

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