The Wedding’s Over

The royal wedding is over and now we can get back to talking about other things, is one way I feel about it.  Didn’t watch it, but people have been talking about it on Facebook all  day, so  I’ve got a few opinions.

For as left wing as I am on  most issues, I don’t really hate the British Royal family.  Philip is a doddering old racist, which is not exactly atypical for a British family, Elizabeth may not have been mother of the year, but she’s always taken her job seriously.  Sure, they’ve got tons of money  which  is kind of obscene while some people are struggling, but so do Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg, and the Sultan  of Dubai, and the head honcho of  the house of Saud and all his relatives, and the Waltons, and the Kochs, and the Trumps, to name a few.  And what about the Pope?  There’s probably a few billion dollars worth of stuff in the Vatican alone.  They all should be doing more to end the world’s problems.

I think the Windsors could do themselves,  and England, a big favor by putting some  of their money to  good use, and maybe turning a few of their castles over to the public, either as public parks or some charitable use.  Then, they should just relax a bit.  Be more like the Dutch and Swedish monarchs, who act more or less like ordinary people but are still excessively  rich.  But,  I’m not holding  my  breath.

I really don’t think  that Meghan Markle being half-black is going to do much to affect race relations in Britain, any more than Barack Obama’s two terms in  office ended racism in the U.S.  Also, and I hope it isn’t racist of me to say  this, she looks white.  The whole race thing is going to  fade into the background.

Unless, of course, they have children who  are noticeably black.  I’d love to see the look on old Philip’s face when that happens.



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