Speaking Other Languages

Aaron Schlossberg fucked up real bad.  After his nasty anti-hispanic rant in public, it’s been  revealed that he’s actually  not a member of the New York Bar Association, and he’s been kicked out of his building (where his office is, he  hasn’t been made homeless)  I expect he’ll recover.  There are plenty of racists out there just like him, some of them are wealthy and powerful, so he’ll be O.K.  I’d like to think  this will  ruin his  miserable life, but it probably won’t.

Whether it does or doesn’t, he is going to continue to hate.  Of course, the thing about hating people for speaking a foreign language comes down to fear.   If you can’t understand what they’re saying, why, they could be saying anything.  Well, I have trave3led and lived in many countries, and picked up a little bit of a few languages on  the way, but it’s not  easy.  I still  don’t understand Czech people when they are talking too fast.  But, here are some clues for  how to understand what people are saying even when you can’t understand the language:

  1.  If they are in a coffee shop  and talking to the person behind the counter, they are probably ordering a cup of coffee.
  2.  If they are laughing, somebody probably just told a joke.  You may feel  left out, but maybe it was a personal joke, like between  the two of them, and you  wouldn’t have got it, anyway.
  3.  If they are screaming, jumping out of their chair, and making frantic gestures with their hands, they have probably just spilled coffee on  themselves.  It happens.
  4. If you are on a train, and they are wearing a uniform, they are probably asking to see your ticket.  Just show it to them.  No words are necessary.
  5. If they are a waiter in a restaurant, they are probably asking you what you want to  eat.  Why would they be asking anything else?

It’s not really  that hard.  Even though we have thousands of languages around the world, people are mostly saying the same things.  People are people.

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