Winding Down for the Summer

It was time to begin the class but Natalie (they are all 10 or 11) had sat down at the piano and was playing Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise, Emma was at the blackboard drawing, and David was practicing Parcour, leaping over tables.  On the one hand, I don’t get no respect, as Rodney Dangerfield always said, and that bothers me  a bit, but on  the other, it was such a perfect scene – three different students, three different personalities, three different modes of self-expression, that I let it be for a couple  of minutes before insisting on starting the class.  Annie (the smart one) was late.
After the class, I was talking with one of the moms, and we were wondering whether next week was my last week and I said I thought I had two more weeks before the summer break but, calculating it later on  the bus on the way home, I figure next week  actually will be my last week.
Summer is here.  We’re going to have guests next week, a partial family reunion, a full house of Americans  in Prague,  and I’m looking  forward to that.  In  about a month, we’re off to Croatia,  or somewhere along the Baltic coast, as long as we find a beach and can spend some time swimming in warm,  salty  water I  will  be happy.
This weekend, Helena’s Dad and cousin are here,  they have volunteered to paint the flat.  I was informed of this about a day ago, but it’s O.K.  I wasn’t doing  anything special  this weekend, anyway.

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