WTF, Melania

Often we get into  arguments about whether a politician is truly  evil or  just  stupid.  It’s a bad  argument.  It distracts  us with an  endless loop.  Are they  evil or are they  stupid,  are they  evil  or are they  stupid, and we stop focusing on doing what needs to be done.
In the case of Melania Trump’s choice of jacket  today, I’m  going  to  go  with evil.  Arrogant, entitled, bitchy, condescending, kickdown evil.

First off, she got a lot of  undeserved credit for making a statement on the issue, even  though it was a half hearted statement “Oh, I feel so bad for the poor children, and Democrats and Republicans  must work to change the situation.”  It was really a lame, manipulative, self-serving, bullshit statement, but the press acted like she was suddenly  Mother Theresa.
And then this.  On a trip  to visit the dear little incarcerated children, she wore a jacket that said, on  the back  of it “I don’t  really care, do U?”
One of Melania’s aides said  there  was no hidden message, and Trump said ‘she was referring to the Fake News,’ which makes no sense at all.
The message was not hidden.  It was in plain sight.  Now, I’m not saying that Melanie Trump is  the next Hedy Lamar, but she is  a professional fashion model and knows  a thing or two  about being  photographed, and you can be damn sure she knew what the jacket said, and how it would be interpreted.

She really does not care.  And, like her husband, we know that she doesn’t care, and she knows that  we know that she doesn’t  care.  And she doesn’t care.

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