A Busy Day

Everybody came over  here  in the morning and Helena made pancakes.  The  original plan was to make waffles, but she tried a  new recipe because one of our party has an egg  allergy and so  the batter was a bit runnier and was just  a big mess in the waffle iron, and then by the time breakfast was ready, the L.A. Watsons had  to take off, they had a lunch appointment with some friends who are also visiting Prague.
The pancakes did come out  just fine in  the  end,  though.
Everybody was around the table, working on a jigsaw puzzle, usually I’m looking at the picture on  the box every two seconds, that’s just my m.o., but most of them regarded that as cheating, so we were doing  it  the hard  way.  It  was cool, though,  the  team effort.  Things everybody can do together are good things, regardless of what thing they are, just because they facilitate being together.  We finished it, though.

Then, I taught my last  two  classes for  the year at Kbely.  It’s  one of  the classes I’ll miss but, on the other  hand, I  am really looking forward to a summer break.

Then I came home and there was a series of confused messages between the 3 parts of our party, the L.A. Watsons,  the Seattle  Watsons, and the Prague Watsons, which led to a lot  of people taking extra trips  that were unnecessary, but eventually we all  met up at their  flat and went for  Chinese, and after that we wandered over to a festival that  was  going  on, there’s always something in Prague, and we were enjoying the scene, but left soon after  the music started.
The L.A. clan has to get up at 3 something in the godawful morning to start  their all day,  two stop  journey home.
It was great, and it was too  short.

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