Just watched ‘Her’ and, since this is not exactly a new  film, I  don’t  know why I  bother writing a review, but talking about my  day proofreading a document about the legal agreement between a shopping mall  and its tenants, down to the size of light bulbs the shopkeepers are allowed  to have, would make for kind of a dull  blog.

It had a couple  of psuedo-sexy scenes but it is the story of a guy who falls in  love with an operating  system, and it sort of  makes him out to  bad as sad a human being as you’d think, but through the film you hear of a couple other people having relationships  with their computers and you wonder if its going to be like ‘Invasion of  the Body Snatchers’ and everybody in the world  links up, but in  the end  it’s nothing as dramatic as all that.

If you want a movie with lots of action and tension, this  wasn’t it, but it was actually a deep and thoughtful investigation of what it will be long as computers become more intelligent,  and  can talk to us as equal individuals.

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