What Fresh Fuckery is This?

‘Unbelievable’ is not a word that can be credibly used any more when you are talking about  the lengths Democrats will  go to to fight against progressives.  They will spend all their money, they will support Republicans, they will lie, they  will cheat, they will steal, I’m pretty  sure they have even  murdered  on occasion.
They do not view progressives as a separate wing of their party.  They view progressives as the enemy.  More enemy than the Republicans.

Nonetheless, what’s happening in New York’s 14th congressional district comes as a surprise.  After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat Joe Crowley, who’s been in congress for 20 years and did not become a visible force against war, or for the environment, or for prosecuting bankers, or anything, really, and beat him even though he outspent her ten to one, I  thought it was over.  It was supposed to be over.
But it’s not.  Here’s the deal:  Crowley was also endorsed by something called the ‘Working Families Party.’  After the election, the WFP called Crowley up and said “Hey, sorry you lost, but now we’re endorsing Ocasio-Cortez, would you mind striking your name from the ballot,” and Crowley said no.

Now, Ocasio-Cortez and the WFP are both saying this is a slimy bit of skullduggery on the part of Crowley, and Crowley is saying it’s a mere technicality, he can’t legally get off the ballot, and he will support Ocasio-Cortez.
I hope he’s telling the truth, but the record of old Democrats in these cases is not good, so I don’t blame Ocasio-Cortez for being skeptical, and outraged.  If he is sincere, he will make it very clear to the public that  he is not  a candidate.  If he’s not sincere, well, fuck him.  She is the Democratic party candidate.

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