Remember in ‘Love, Actually’ how rude and dismissive and condescending and sleazy President Billy Bob Thornton was?  Well, Trump just beat him all  to hell.
First off all, it’s very rude to be late.  Nobody wants to have to wait for you.  If you’ve got a scripted, staged TV moment and you deliberately leave your host/hostess standing there looking like an idiot on TV, that’s a power trip.  That’s a head game.  That’s a dick move.  And Trump did it twice, first to Theresa May, and then to the Queen.  He kept the Queen waiting, and standing.  Now, I’m not a huge fan of the royals, but that’s just not a nice thing to do to anybody, especially a 90 year old woman.  And then he walked in front of her, as if she were the Prime Minister of Montenegro or something.
Then there was his interview with the Sun.  The Sun.  The newspaper best known for its page 3 girls.  It’s like the Twitter of newspapers,  so I suppose it fits.  Anyway, he said (I paraphrase, but this was the gist) “Theresa May is fucking Brexit up because she  won’t listen to me, smartest man in the world, and if she continues fucking things up we’re done with you guys, we can do business with Europe,  and Boris Johnson would really make a much better Prime Minister.”
Then he said it was fake news.
But the Sun taped the interview.
He did say it, every word.

Now, I hate defending Theresa May even more than I hate defending the Queen, but that’s just rude.

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