Kylie’s Billion

I used to have a theory, which I’m pretty  sure now was bullshit, that when enough people moved into the mega-rich class due to talent (sports, music, art), supreme beauty (films, modeling), or blind luck (lottery winners), then the world might change for the better because they do not come from a culture of economic entitlement, they do not necessarily have the ‘go for the throat’ business sense of the real magnates, and maybe they’d do good things for humanity.

There are two things wrong with the theory.  One is that as soon as people get a bit of money, they start to think like rich people, and they spend all their time plotting to make even more money, and figuring out how to pay zero taxes on what they have. Trickle down never actually works because nobody who’s got money wants to let any of it trickle  down, and that’s just as true of the nouveau riche as any other.

The other is that even though athletes may make tens of millions of dollars a year, and some leading actors get millions of dollars per movie, they are still not at the top levels of money mountain, they are not the ones who actually control  governments.

Anyway, Kylie Jenner.  Forbes recently said she’s on track to be the world’s youngest self-made billionaire ever.  First of all, social media erupted in indignation over the term ‘self-made.’  She’s rich because her older step-sister (I’ve never watched  the show.  I  think that’s the relationship.) made a video of herself boinking her boyfriend and somehow it got  ‘leaked,’ and then they had a reality show.  I guess Kylie has added to that with a cosmetics line, or a clothing line, or something like that, but I’m quite surprised that she’s worth a billion dollars.

It’s no skin off my nose, I don’t necessarily  believe she’s evil  just because she’s rich, and not using her wealth to make the world a better place, but the thing that weirds me out is this:  there are actually people sending her  donations so she can get past the billion dollar mark.  Again, if people want to send her money, that’s their business and no affair of mine, and it fits in  with her family business model, but damn: that’s fucked up.

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