Lies on the News

I just watched a thing on  CNN, which does not make me happy.  We’ve got a guest  staying with  us at the moment, and he watches pretty  much nothing but the news.  I decided long ago that watching the news was not  the best way to get the news.  Not that my way – to see what people are posting on Facebook and, if it’s an interesting story, follow the links.  Then, it’s into the fray  with  the  comments, and you will gradually gather information because there’s always somebody ready  to  rebut anything you say- is totally  foolproof.  There is all  sorts of confirmation bias, and an inherent selectivity in the range of acceptable opinions because, of course, I  don’t have  many Trumpeteers among my friends.
So, like I  say, it’s a flawed system, but it’s better than CNN, and no  doubt a kajillion times better than Fox.

Anyway, this particular scene happened on CNN, so they  are the object of  my  derision this evening.  The announcer was saying “Police had to dodge things being  thrown by the crowd,” and the filmed footage clearly showed a bunch  of police beating up a single individual.  It was  like every single  sentence  she was saying was in direct contradiction to the picture on  the  screen.
There are two takeaways from this:  1. the news people lie, like all the time, and 2. it’s a lot better  with  the sound off.

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