When The Shit Hits the Fan, It Flies in all Directions

It appears the shit has well and truly  hit the fan.  Not so much from the 12 indictments that were handed down a couple of days ago, which have the Hillbots jumping up and down because they’ve been looking for the smoking gun so long that everything looks like a smoking gun, and has me scratching my head.  If these  are Russians, and they are in Russia, what difference does an indictment make.  If they fail to appear in court, there’s not a whole lot anybody can do about it.
The shit has hit the fan because of the orange numpty’s reaction to it.  With Putin, in Helsinki, he said something along the lines of “I believe Putin, I don’t  believe the FBI.”
Well, this has got people going apeshit on both sides of the aisle.  Before he’s through, the tiny fingered fucknugget will  have more diversity  among his haters than Hillary  Clinton herself.
Bernie Sanders, with his usual talent for understatement, said “this is not normal.”  On the opposite ridge of the chasm of good and  evil, Paul Ryan said “of course Russia meddled in  the election.”  He didn’t exactly call for impeachment, or  even  censure, but he did directly contradict Trump.  John McCain called it  the most disgraceful performance he’d ever seen from  an  American president.
I am glad to see  this, and would  be perfectly  happy to  see the mangled apricot hellbeast spend his last, miserable days in jail – the kind of  jail that does  not have a golf course – but I’m not  sure we’re  going to see it just yet.

Also, if it does happen, I would like to  remind people that the  crime the Russians allegedly committed  was  to hack into the DNC servers, and to expose some of the documents they found there, mostly e-mails and stuff.  Documents which proved that Hillary and the DNC cheated Bernie out of the nomination.

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