Everything’s Different From Everything Else, but Some Things Are Kind of the Same

It was a lovely, lazy day on the island of Vis.  We spent all morning swimming and snorkeling at one beach, a good part of the afternoon at another, but noticed that there are little pockets, small beaches, almost everywhere you look.  On our first foray we passed up one  beach because there was a single girl there and it would have  seemed rude to move in with our family and totally change the environment on her.  Lots of these little  beaches had almost nobody.

But today I want to talk about yesterday’s blog.  My wife read it (which she doesn’t, usually) and said “No, you’re wrong.  The old town in Split is nothing like the old town  in Prague.  There’s a completely different architecture, Split is Mediterranean.”  Of course my kids agreed with her because whenever there is  a choice of agreeing with her or agreeing with me, I have about as much chance as Gary Johnson ever did of becoming president.
“But,” I said,  “How many cities in the world even have an old town, a historical center where cars are forbidden and tourists can walk right down the middle of the street like cows in India?”  The answer is  actually quite a few, but they’re almost all  in Europe and, outside of the fact that they exist, yes, they are all different.
A rose is not a tulip, but they are both flowers.  Vis is nothing at all like Manhattan, although both are islands.  I write a blog, lots of other people write blogs, but  that doesn’t mean  we are similar, except in that one way.
So, I stand by yesterday’s blog, but must admit she does have a point.

In the learn something new every day department, I learned (while reading the signs in the supermarket) that the Croation word for fresh is Frisko.  People in San Francisco should take note.  I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but  it is a positive one.

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