I got stung by a jellyfish today, so that was a first in my lifetime experience.  At least, I assume it was a jellyfish, as that’s the only thing I know of that stings in the ocean.  I was snorkeling, and it was lovely.  A sandier beach than  the last one, and so the bottom didn’t have the interesting mix of rocks and valleys and seaweed and schools of little fish as the last beach, but the lines made by the sunlight were a shimmering grid, there were some flat fish on the bottom who looked so much like sand they were almost indistinguishable from it, a couple of mounds with holes which housed some unknown sub-aquatic creature, and one very industrious little guy who was burrowing away like mad. I’d swum out to the deeper water, to where they had the floating barrier line, and then I saw a couple larger fish on the bottom and then  something brushed my arm and I turned and swam like hell for the shore.  There was half a moment when I thought maybe I was panicking for nothing, maybe it was my imagination, but the sting was real and in a minute I had a sizable red welt on my forearm, which is gone now but lasted the better part of the day.
That was on the far end of the island and on the way back we found a restaurant we liked very much, huge bottles of water for a reasonable price, and the food was all very good, and it was outdoor, on a terrace with greenery growing up the sides and over the ceiling.  We were hoping for someplace shady and cool and in there it was downright dark, we were totally shielded from the sun, and there were only about 3 tables with customers and I suspect the others were local.  Then we stopped at a scenic overlook, picked some blackberries by the roadside, and visited the cave where Tito hung out, hiding from the Nazis, in WWII.
Then we came back to our place and we had planned to go swimming again in the late afternoon but just never got around to it.
A couple of hours ago, there was a total power blackout, so I had to get off the computer and we wound up playing ‘guess the famous person’ with the kids, which was fun except  Sam always picks some obscure sports person nobody has ever heard of and then says “But, he’s a LEGEND.”
In a way, the power blackout was my favorite part of the day, and it was a day with many good parts.

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