Left and Right

The left-right dichotomy is world-wide, it is fundamental, and it has been around for a very long time. It is basically those who believe “we’re all in the same boat” vs. those who believe “it’s every man for himself.”  Full disclaimer here:  I am definitely in the ‘all in the same boat’ camp.

There is some poetic truth to the other side.  We are individuals, each one distinct from the other.  We are born alone, we die alone, and each person has some responsibility for their own success or failure.  We could have a total world welfare state, with a universal basic income, and some people would find a way to blow it.

But, that’s a harsh view of reality, and not one I like.
We all live on the same  planet, all 7 billion + of us.  If there is too much carbon dioxide in the  atmosphere, we all could die.  Every one of us.  Together.  That is not a good option.  This is why we need to plant lots of trees and urban gardens, switch to electric cars, regulate the living fuck out of industry because they sure aren’t going to make the changes themselves, and put solar panels and windmills everywhere that a solar panel or a windmill might fit.
Most of those 7 billion people live in cities, so co-operation with other people is essential in everyday life.  You cannot take an ‘every man for himself’ attitude in traffic.  Some people do, but they are a constant annoyance and threat to everyone else.  You have to have zoning restrictions, and noise regulations, and an organized system of waste disposal, or life would be hellish.
So, unless you are out in the woods of Idaho or somewhere, living completely off the grid, you are in the same boat with everybody else.  And, it’s the only boat we’ve got.

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